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    5 ft. 11 in.
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    Some College
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    Full Time Student
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    Yes, living with me


I am an economics student on my way to an eventual Master's Degree in economic analytics with 2 kids. I am married as well, and in poly-lifestyle, but basically single in that regard, something I want to change. I am spiritual but not stuck in one dogmatic camp of the organized cultism we call mainstream religion. I dont have a decade, genre, or much of a style or trend that defines me; instead I prefer to branch and explore what is interesting in this world. Music is heaven.

What I am looking for

Someone that can look past the surface and not get hung-up on the mundane. I value intelligence; compassion, work-ethic(a job and motivation in life outside job), honesty, and creativity highly in a person. In my experience the other quirks can be worked with, but a lack of these is detrimental for a functional relationship. In the bedroom I am more inclined to bottom and be submissive to men. I can switch but I really prefer when someone else takes the reigns for a bit. I have kinks, (not a short list either) so if a blindfold and some light feather play is as far as you have might want to try elsewhere. I'm not opposed to exploring or teaching but I'm not pulling the weight or doing it from scratch.