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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    Full Figured
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    High School
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I am 30 I live in Jacksonville NC, and I am a big time video gamer and smartass lol. I'm currently going to school for my GED and then I want to go to college for other things, I'm currently trying to get a job, and I currently do not have have a car, I drive a stupid scooter most of the time I am in the process of trying to get back on my feet, and having to start from scratch with nothing. Cuz I gave up everything I had to take care of my grandma, who passed away in September from Alzheimer's. So I currently live with my mom until I get back on my feet I moved to NC from Ohio,I was born and raised there. I'm a very blunt and honest person I hate liars with a passion that's the fastest way to push me away. I love being treated like a princess. But I'm not high maintenance or a gold digger I just like getting spoiled like any girl does. I am a country girl all the way around I love hunting, fishing, swimming,going to the beach, and going to the movies. I love to do a lot more when I have money but with no money I cant do anything. My favorite color is pink, My favorite fast food restaurant is taco bell, and my favorite sit down restaurant is Olive garden, my favorite and only type of music I like is country.I don't have a favorite tv show cuz I don't get to watch tv cuz we don't have cable and I don't have a favorite movie either. **( I don't say or do anything sexual unless I'm in a committed relationship ) ** just saying.I also love to joke around and bullshit like i said I'm a big time smartass. I also love to cuddle and I also love cats and dogs I prefer dogs. I have 2 dogs and a cat. My biggest fears are spiders, snakes and cotton balls nothing scares me more.

What I am looking for

The things I look for in a women.. Someone who is sweet, loving, caring, honest, funny, faithful, kind, respectful, understanding, a smartass like me lol. Someone who is romantic someone who will spoil me, and treat me like a queen, someone who will hold me and cuddle me no sex involved, someone who will tell me how beautiful and sexy all the time. Someone who will love me for me, and not expect me to be different. Someone who will tell me how much they love me on a daily basis when it gets to that point.