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    5 ft. 9 in.
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    Some College
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    Self Employed
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Hello, this is me. I'm a simple, affectionate and easy going femmine . I have been truly blessed with a wonderful life so far, and I'm waiting for a unique woman who feels she's got the same guardian angel watching over her, so together we can create something even more precious.

I'm international, spontaneous, a dreamer, passionate, intense, focused, and adventurous.

I'm domestic, stable, quiet, a realist, observant, reflective, dedicated, detailed, random, private, deliberate, and impatient :) I own my own house with a big yard, and really enjoy new projects. I can fix stuff, tear it down and rebuild it, and this is a source of joy. I would prefer to spend time with my partner or a small group of people doing a quiet activity.

I'm outdoorsy and physical, although definitely not as aerodynamic as a few years ago. Let's go for a run! I'd choose the outdoors vs. indoors, whether that is some work in the yard, getting dirty, running on the beach, walk in a park or museum, hiking, or fishing. Growing up during the summer I spent AWAY from the beach, in the mountains. I love wide open spaces, sunshine, and the feeling of boundless opportunity.

What I am looking for

Am looking for that lady that will always be there for me as i will be there for her to share a brighter future together .