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I am a fun person as you can see. i have never been married i wish i could get married one day in my life time so i can be happy till my end time ..most important will also need a caring family that is full of love built around trust and caring support for each other . i am looking for a whole new life many things has been happen to me when growing up in life that made me decide to start new life wit someone who can love me and everything about me ,that the way i want my life to be set as for a target .. In life we all have desires Inspiration and goals as well as objectives. And as we pursue these emotion feelings , there are many thing that comes after such as obstacles and difficulties but the difference between people who made it through remain happy everlasting...
Music: Just about anything except RMB music
TV: Television:Queer As Folk, The Office, Family Guy, Futurama, Adult Swim, Simpsons, South Park, Odd Todd (webisodes)
Books: Music: i am a great fans of Freggie from black eyes pea, keyshia cole and Mary j blige not forgetten Mariah Carey this are my role model knowing you problay don't listen to such music .
Interests: men
Movies: Movie :Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Pixar, Hayao Miyazaki ,Shortbus, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Team America, Knocked Up, Stranger Than Fiction, Phenomenon, American Beauty, Spirited Away, Matrix, Pieces of April, High Art.
BestFeatures: family
Dreams: be mother

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