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I'm the kind of person who laughs at my own stupidity. I'm a lover not a fighter, but I'm such a stuborn person that I fight for things I want. I'm outgoing, caring, and I'm always there for friends. My family and friends are the world to me, but once they stab me in the back it takes a lot for me 2 trust them again. I have issues with guys, but that doesn't mean I'm lesbo. I love to work and I can turn any bad moment into a good one. I save my money well and for some reason when people ask if they can have some I give it to them weather they pay me back or not.
Music: I like any type of music. I really love to dance so I mostly listen to Techno or Hip-Hop.
TV: I like really any T/V show as long as it isn't a reality show, cuz people lets face it, there's nothing real about them.
Books: The House of Night novels are my favorite.
Sports: I don't really like sports, but if I had to choose I'd say football. Nothing better then you and someone cute tackling each other for something you want ;)
Interests: Really I'm interested in like everything...
Movies: I like action movies, but scary movies intrest me even though they've become deathly predictable. Besides that I love romance movies. DUH I'ma chick..go figure right? lol
BestFeatures: My lips, ass, chest, personality, eyes, and some would say my heighth.
Dreams: I'd like to become an author of a really good novel. Take my ex girlfriend Dani to Paris, & I'd like to help my ex Brittany accomplish all her dreams. Skys the limit baby

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