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About me...Im a mommy of 2 beautiful girls...They are my world...on the worst day they make me smile. There really isnt alot to me I work & do the momma thing and every once in a while go out. I have a few good friends in my life that no matter what I will never let go. I dont like chocolate, anything thats creepy and crawly, roses, onions, rude people and socks that dont fit right. I miss my baby girl, my dad, honey sally & scarlet, and my pant size 5 yrs ago. I love my family, dogs, fried catfish, Azzy's voice, Birdie's smile, tobassco, long hair, havin a good night out with friends, a stiff drink and christmas lights. Im just tryin to live life happy & to the fullest. There are things that need improvments but overall most people love me!
HighSchool: Coweta High School
Music: I like all different kinds of music
TV: dont really watch to much tv, but gotta love the cop shows and Greys
Books: Love to read
Sports: Not really into sports...
Movies: I love movies!!
BestFeatures: I hear my eyes and smile...but who knows!
Dreams: I have to many dreams...

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