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HighSchool: Napa High School
College: Napa Valley College
JuniorHighSchool: Silverado Middle School
ElementarySchool: Carneros Elementary School
Music: I choose to decline to elaborate much on this list due to the fact that I play Music; Drums if you must know, and I listen to so many different types out there it would be a shame to not list all the greats. If it's dark, heavy and rockin, chances are that i'll probably enjoy listening to it.
Books: Wow, where to begin. Mostly any and all forms of Horror, Macabre, Psycholgical terror, Fantasy,ect ect. All works by H.P Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Aliester Crowley, Dr. John Dee. Aristotle, Nicola Tesla, Milton, Allegari. List could go on and on. I've read over 4,000 books in my lifetime and still I search for answers.
Sports: Hate em all. Got into a lot of fights with Jocks when I was a kid growing up. Kinda scarred me from Football and similar sports. The only ones that i can stand are probably UFC and extreme sports such as Kickboxing or Ninja Warrior; and that I can only see on the television.
Interests: Finding the meaning to lifes great questions. Books, Poetry, Love, Life, Music, and the randomness in every little thing you may come across.
Movies: Big Movie Buff. You name it, chances are i've seen it or read it before it was a movie. Favorite genres' though would have to be Horror and Psychological Thrillers. Anything based on works of H.P. Lovecraft.
BestFeatures: I'm not sure about this one. Hm... I've been told my hands once by an artist that asked me if she could draw them. Other than that... -Unzips pants...
Dreams: To one day be able to have a drum competition against Jojo Mayer and actually win! Other than that; To be filthy stinking rich and live in a castle with all my friends by my side and just play music all day.

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